Apple Watch 6 future of health is on your wrist

iPhone, the only smartwatches you should be looking at are the various Apple Watch models. This is just a fact. Even though you can use smartwatches from many other brands with an iPhone, none of them offer the same level of integration, in my opinion. Like clockwork, we got the Apple Watch Series 6 this year, and it features a new S6 SiP (System-in-Package) and a blood oxygen sensor, plus other small refinements.

In India, there's a limited number of band types and colors that can be selected at the time of purchase, compared to the US. The Apple Watch Studio online platform isn't available here either, which lets you combine any watch case and strap to your liking, before checking out. Apple has a new Solo Loop band, which is a single piece of stretchy silicone that's worn like a wristband. However, this will have to be purchased separately as the stainless steel variant can only be purchased with either a Sport Band or a Milanese Loop band in India.

The build quality of the Apple Watch Series 6 is fantastic, especially the stainless steel version that I have for review, but it's also a massive fingerprint magnet. The right side of the watch has the digital crown and a single button just below it. There's a cutout for a speaker on the left, and the health sensors are on the underside of the case. My watch came with a black sport band, which is made out of silicone and is one of the most practical bands to own since it's quick to dry and requires very little maintenance.

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