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CityAirbus flying car takes off at a maximum weight of 2,310kg, flies at 20m altitude

Aviation major Airbus has released a new video showing its all-electric, four-seat, VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft -- CityAirbus -- taking off at 2,310 kilograms. During its four-minute flight, the CityAirbus flying car flew at an altitude of 20 meters.

For an all-electric VTOL aircraft with a distributed drive system, the maximum take-off weight is 2,310 kilograms.

CityAirbus flying car

"Our full-scale UAM demonstrator took off at 2,310 kg - the highest take-off weight of a fully electric VTOL aircraft with a distributed drive system. The 4-minute demo saw the 4-seat eVTOL fly at an altitude of 20 meters," Airbus Helicopters said in a tweet.

CityAirbus flying car technical specifications

The maiden take-off of the CityAirbus full-scale UAM (urban air mobility) demonstrator took place in May 2019. The remotely piloted flying car boasts a multicopter configuration with four ducted high-lift propulsion units. It is based on a single failure tolerant architecture.CityAirbus flying car

The CityAirbus flying car has eight fixed pitch propellers and as many 100kW electric motors. The electric motors drive the propellers at nearly 950rpm. The power is supplied by a 110kWh battery. With a capacity of four passengers, the CityAirbus flying car has a cruise speed of approximately 120kmph on fixed routes with up to 15 minutes of autonomy.

Airbus claims that the CityAirbus full-scale UAM demonstrator is up to three times faster than cars and makes less noise than traditional helicopters. It can be remotely piloted with advanced control systems. Being a fully electric and battery-powered aircraft, it does not emit harmful gases.

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