Crazy Realme Buds Wireless 2

The Wireless 2 earphones eliminate up to 25dB of noise through active noise cancellation, blocking out most everyday low-frequency noise. Whether you're trying to study or just want to fully enjoy a song, you can keep out background noise like the subway or air conditioning.

Vocplus AI Noise Cancellation for Call

The Wireless 2 earphones are equipped with Elevoc's Vocplus AI noise cancellation for calls. Based on deep learning and computational analysis of auditory scenarios, Vocplus distinguishes and extracts voices from the surrounding noise. Even if you're making a call from a noisy road, your voice can be heard clearly.

Sony LDAC Bluetooth technology transmits three times more audio data than traditional methods and retains richer sound detail. The result is ultra-pure, Hi-Res-certified audio.

Dart Charge Comes to Earphones

We've applied our Dart Charge technology from realme phones to wireless earphones, delivering an exceptional charging experience for the first time. Just a 10-minute charge is enough for 12 hours of battery life.

Super-low Latency for Gaming

Thanks to new Bluetooth 5.0 technology and our latest latency reduction algorithm, the Wireless 2 earphones can achieve latency as low as 88ms -- among the best in the industry. That means sights and sounds stay synchronized in every game.

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