EyeDisk Unhackable USB flash drive

With all the advances in cloud storage, it can be easy to forget about the humble USB flash drive. Cloud vs. USB, which option do you choose? In fact, you need a safe option for your data and privacy both online and offline.

That’s why we created eyeDisk, the world’s first USB flash drive that uses iris recognition technology for unbeatable data security. Don’t settle for just any USB drive, get eyeDisk.

Safe to Use

eyeDisk uses the same iris recognition technology as can be found in Samsung Galaxy phones, and Google datacenter security entrance, The IR scanning method meets the safety standard of IEC-62471 for safe use and will not damage your eyes in any way.

Enhanced Data Leakage Prevention

With eyeDisk, you never need to worry about losing your USB or the vulnerability of your data stored in it. eyeDisk features AES 256-bit encryption for your iris pattern. We develop our own iris recognition algorithm so that no one can hack your USB drive even they have your iris pattern. Your personal iris data used for identification will never be retrieved or duplicated even if your USB is lost.

eyeDisk cares about your privacy. With the offline software, all your data is stored in the local disk, which avoids any chance of being hacked. It’s super secured and easy to use.

100% Secured without any Internet Requirement

eyeDisk can be used offline without any internet connection requirement and the software will not store or transmit your iris patterns, passwords, or any other information to any online location, ever.

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