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How to Record Computer Screen

Computers and laptops are the most important electronic devices in today's world; without a computer system, nothing works anymore; whether it's depositing money in the bank or doing any other type of work, everything is done by the computer system. Now, many times we are doing some work on our computer laptop system, and we want to record our computer screen.

We may need to record our computer screen to generate instructional videos, depending on the task we're doing on the computer system. If you wish to record your computer or laptop's screen, you'll need additional software. You can use this program to record your screen, laptop screen, or PC screen. You may easily accomplish this with the help of this program, whether you're conducting any type of computer work or recording the screen of someone else doing computer work. However, you must first install the Free Screen Record application on the computer you want to monitor.

System Requirements

· Windows 98

· Windows Vista

· Windows 2003

· Windows 10,

· Windows 8,

· Windows XP,

· Windows 2000

· Windows 7

· Windows 11

How to Record Computer Screen

STEP 1. Download the software - Click Here

Install now

Open the software

First, you must download this program by clicking on the link provided below. Next, you must open this software and install it. Finally, after installing any computer system on which you like to record the screen, you must open this software.

STEP 2. Adjust Record Screen Size

Open software

Now adjust the record screen

Select the full-screen option for full-screen record or which resolution you want.

As soon as you install the program, you must open it. As soon as you open it, the screen record settings will display. You must now specify how many portions of the computer or laptop you want to record if you want full-screen recording. That example, if you want to record the entire screen, you must choose the full-screen option.

STEP 3. Now Click on Settings

Press Ctrl + f10 to stop record

Press Ctrl + f7 to record pause and resume

Press Ctrl + alt + E to show Hide Toolbar

You will have provided the required control here as soon as you click on the setting, which will be extremely beneficial while recording the screen, then you must have remembered this shortcut keys function, or else you may find it difficult to switch off the screen record.

STEP 4. Now Click on Record

Now click on Rec for Screen Record

Now click on ok.

Now you must record the screen; to do so, click on the red rec button; as soon as you do so, a tiny window will appear; click on ok, and the screen will begin recording.

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