• Shailesh upadhyay

Indian Railway's first movable freshwater tunnel aquarium opens at Bengaluru station, check out pics

What visitors had to say

"We're able to watch various species of fish and other aquatic animals. This is a very rare experience," a visitor said.

Attractions of the aquarium

The aquarium is adorned with natural rocks and splashes of driftwood, artificial coral rocks. It is home to various aquatic animals such as alligators, sharks, lobsters, snails, and shrimps.

Features of the aquarium

The few salient features of Aquatic Kingdom are 3D selfies where a big fish will pop out of the aquarium. With almost 20 feet of glass periphery, the HNI Aquatic Kingdom also houses planted, marine, and tropical sections with varied flora and fauna in pleasing colors.

Entry fee for visitors

The Aquatic Kingdom opened on Thursday (July 1) for the general public. A nominal entry fee of Rs 25 will be charged per visitor.

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