• Shailesh upadhyay

This Tata Harrier Inspired Xenon 4x4 Pick Up Truck Looks Like it Means Business

Tata has tried to re-emphasize its place in the Indian car market with a series of launches in recent years. The company took on the competition from foreign brands with products that had a more modern flavor to their design and features. One such launch was Tata Harrier; the SUV tasted success and gained a lot of popularity soon after its launch and marked its own place in its segment. The Harrier is also quite famous among car modification designers who love giving their own touch to this SUV from Tata. Latest to this list is a digital render by 'nstreet designs' named Tata Xenon 4×4. The digitally designed pickup truck is inspired and based on the design line of Harrier

The first impression of the Xenon will instantly remind people of the Harrier but there are also some additions to the details here. The front bumper has been modified to a larger metal unit with a rod to place a winch. The Xenon has a customized roof tail that host a pair of big rectangular fog lamp at the top to provide improved visibility.

The pickup truck gets bigger, wider, knobby tires aimed to provide better traction. The large board below the door are fitted to provide easier access inside the car. At the back, the cargo hold looks sturdy with thick metal bars placed on the sides.

Since the Xenon 4 X 4 is designed with an aim of providing an off-roading experience, the designers have introduced a ladder-frame chassis that provides an apparent high ground clearance. It will allow the vehicle to easily pass through difficult terrains.

The ladder frame chassis has a higher torsional rigidity that makes it resistant to bending and deformation when compared to the usual monologue construction offered on vehicles like Harrier and Safari. The new frame design will allow the vehicle to transport heavy cargo or towing heavy objects.

The Xenon has a limited-slip differential that will allow the vehicle to maintain better traction when going through off-road areas like mud and ice.

The Harrier-inspired Xenon 4 x 4 could use the 2.0-litre diesel engine unit offered with the Yodha range of pick-up trucks. The engine which comes mated with a manual gearbox has the capacity to produce a max power of 100 hp along with 250 Nm of peak torque.

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