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Want to travel to space for free? Know how to register for a free trip to Richard Branson's Virgin

British billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is all set to start its first commercial flight to space in 2022. On July 11, 70-year-old Branson and his crew created history by reaching the edge of space, giving space tourism an official kickstart.

While people may have to shell out a fortune to mirror this experience, Virgin Galactic has also started a contest where it will be giving out two free tickets on one of its first commercial space flights. Every moment of this unique experience will be recorded in an HD video and lucky winners will get a window seat to get the view and even a mirror to watch yourself float in the gravitation-free space.

The contest is not open for people residing in countries on Unites Nation's list of embargoed countries or countries where the law prohibits any such experience. However, if you are an Indian, you can register for the contest.

How to register?

To register yourself for a chance to win free tickets to space, log on to omaze.com/space.

You can enter the contest in two ways, either by donating money for the cause or you can simply choose to enter the contest without contributing.

Select the option 'Enter Without the Contribution' and fill out the form with the required details. Make sure you enter an active and exclusive email id because multiple participants are not allowed to share the same email address.

Click submit and it's done. You also have an option for registering multiple times to improve your chances of getting selected. A participant may choose to submit its entry up to 6000 times.

Winners should be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The window for entry to the contest will close on September 2, 2021.

The lucky winners of this contest will be selected based on a random draw.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum age of 18 years is mandatory for participation.

The contest also bars people sharing work relationships with Omaze from participating. So, any employee, directors of Omaze, non-profit clients of Omaze, any contractor or other Omaze partner engaged in marketing and/or promoting one or more Experiences or Omaze, in general, aren't allowed to enter the contest. Further, an individual who is involved in testing, development administration, and/or fulfillment of any Experience, including without limitation any Prize supply partners, is not eligible to submit an entry.

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